Join Teamsters National Black Caucus

Individuals can join the TNBC for an annual fee of $50.00 and a one-time initiation fee of $10.00. If there is a TNBC chapter established in your area JOIN IT NOW. If not, a chapter can be formed by the established procedures of the International Executive Board.

Membership in this organization is strictly voluntary. The Executive Board of the TNBC may reject an applicant, whom in its opinion is engaging in conduct that could be considered detrimental to the welfare and growth of the TNBC.

There will be three (3) classes of membership within the TNBC: Regular, Associate and Retired.

Regular membership is available to any Black Teamster in good standing with their Local Union. Such persons will become members and remain in good standing by paying the annual membership fees set forth above. Upon retirement, regular membership shall continue.

Associate membership may be granted to persons of goodwill regardless of ethnic origin or Teamster membership. The annual membership fee for associate members will be twenty dollars ($20).

Retired membership is available to retired Teamster members who were not members of the TNBC before retirement. Retired membership will carry the same status and require the same fees as that of an associate membership.

To join the TNBC please click on the link above to print a membership form. Fill out the form and send it, along with a check for the amount indicated on the form, to the following address:

Teamsters National Black Caucus - P.O. Box 16707 - Memphis, Tennessee 38186-0707