Passing the Employee Free Choice Act - The importance of passing the EFCA cannot be overstated and, as unionists, we must do all in our power to ensure that this happens.

This important legislation makes it easier for workers to form unions by forcing employers to recognize a union when a majority of workers sign cards stating their desire to be represented. It also makes it mandatory for those employers to bargain a contract within a certain period of time.

Growing union membership makes us stronger. In our numbers lies our strength and the EFCA will give us strength. We urge all workers to contact their representatives in Washington, DC and urge them to pass the Employee Free Choice Act. Don't leave it up to others, take an active role in securing your future.

Ways to be politically active:

CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES. Use this link to visit where you can search by name, state, zip code and get the names of all of your representatives on the federal and local levels.

CONTACT THE PRESIDENT. Use this link to visit the White House on the web where you can contact the president.

REGISTER TO VOTE. If you are not registered to vote, you should be. Use this link to register today!

KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Use this link to research issues that are important to African Americans today.

UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES. Use this link to visit the Teamsters Take Action page and read about some important issues facing Teamsters and other union workers.

HAVE PRIORITIES. Use this link to read about the legislative and political issues that the Teamsters have made a priority.

TAKE ACTION! Use this link to visit the Teamsters Take Action Network and sign up to take action on the issues.